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AnneCreative Owner, Hair-Designer

At a very young age, Anne decided to come and study in the US, in New York City, to feed her love and passion for hairstyling. As fashion constantly changes and evolves over time from clothing to hairstyles, Anne has explored her knowledge of hairstyling by working with diverse cultures and exploring new styles back and forth to Paris to complement her experience and education.

She loves what she does and is passionate about sharing her talent and creativity to her clients. She has a degree in Cosmetology from an international beauty school. And her experience in working in a French international salon with high-end clientele has helped her develop a unique way of designing.

Anne built her reputation over the past 15 years as one of the most sophisticated hairstylists in the industry. She specializes in both haircutting and hairstyling. She is a talented hairstylist-colorist with her enthusiasm for the trend-crazed world of fashion, fueled by her interest in the different hairstyle trends.

She was driven to get advanced training and continuing education in the beauty industry, learning from professionals in the field. She hopes to further build ProStyle Lounge into an internationally-recognized French haircare brand. In fact, her work philosophy stems from her country of origin, and she is widely known as the hairstylist with a French Flair.

  • Expertise is acquired, and Anne earned hers by learning from professionals across the country, principally in Paris, New York, Miami, and Los Angeles.
  • She is interested in developing her skills as fashion trends continue to evolve over the years.
  • She considers her profession as a never-ending quest for learning as a hairstylist.

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