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A famous Japanese beauty hair spa ritual gives you luscious, shiny & flawless hair. This hair treatment involves scalp massage that gently hits pressure points and increases blood flow. Which aids in the repair of both dry and oily scalp.

  • The ultimate indulgent experience.
  • Begins the experience of the ultimate Japanese head spa ritual.
  • For deep cleaning that detoxifies and gestures of massage to stimulate the blood circulation.
  • Your hair will rejuvenate.
  • Each treatment is customized to the needs for a healthy scalp and hair.
  • This haircare addresses a variety of needs from oily scalp, dry scalp, itchy scalp, clogged follicles.
  • Organic, aromatherapy, and essential oil products are used during the head spa session for a total fit of your needs and relaxation.
  • Experience our offering head spa ritual treatments, with our Unique dual filtration system, the Ecoheads also cleans the water before it hits the scalp, removed all the chlorine and ionic atoms.
    All along sitting in the conforming chair that lays you for a relaxing hair care session.
    Enjoy the herbal tea that we serve to complete your whole wellness hair care session.

Holistic head spa pursuing the health and beauty of the whole body

Fragrant and Purified Welcome Ceremony – $75 (30 min) & $100(45 min)
Head spa consists of simple gestures and massages on the scalp to relax the tension and promote blood flow to prepare you even more pleasantly. Styling Session – combined with micro-mist hair steamer and exfoliation that enhances deep clean pores and removes build-up. An aromatic herbal tea is served to complete the session. Features hair diagnostic for a truly customized and unique hair treatment service.
Imperial Treatment – $70 (30 Min)
Treatment designed as an intensive treatment, includes a deep hydrating mask that penetrates damaged hair back to life. A micro mist steam infuses the mask followed with gestures of pressure points head massage.
Scalp Treatment – $110 (40 Min)
This treatment is designed to effectively control overactive oil production and bring back vibrant hair. Oway herbs, peeling clay cleanser, antioxidants, & essential oil blends enhances deep cleansing of the pores. It involves deep-tissue head massage, micro-steam aromatherapy. Enjoy herbal tea to complete your relaxation.
Dry Remedy – $110
  • Session 40 min.
  • Medicated herbal oil head spa for total relaxation.
  • Treatment designed to address the needs of a dry scalp to relieve irritation. Restore strength and elasticity of the hair chemically treated or brittle hair.
  • A steam on the scalp, for a deep clean of the pores, followed with a massage and shampoo. A nourishing hair mask is applied and rinsed.
  • Enjoy an aromatic herbal tea at the session.
Lounge Sublime – $85 (30 Min) / $100 (45 Min)
  • A custom session head spa combines scalp detox , a soothing head massage and scalp & hair conditioning to preserve the true beauty of the hair, promoting a clean scalp free of build up, while also relaxing the mind and stimulating the senses.
  • A selection of luxurious aromatherapy is available, Citrus , rose, and vanilla. Infused with a micro steam.
    Follow with home care .

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