ProStyle Lounge offers a multi-sensorial hair spa experience in an exclusive, luxurious environment created for beauty, well-being, and relaxation.

Some of the high-quality products that we use for our treatments include:

Balmain Hair Couture

As a brand, Balmain holds 40 years of hair care heritage. Founded by Pierre Balmain, the brand’s products are well-known and popularly used in catwalks thereby setting trends that put confidence and class at the core. Each product has been designed and crafted with the purpose of upholding a long-standing legacy of creativity and innovation in fashion. These values are the same principles that are supported by ProStyle Lounge. It is with great pride that we use and endorses Balmain Hair Couture products to our clients.

balamin hair couture

Balmain Hair Couture Extensions

Want to lengthen and volumize your hair or add a piece without damaging it?
ProStyle Lounge offers Balmain Hair Couture Silk Tape In’s extension.

  • balamin hair
  • balamin hair couture
  • balamin hair

Oway All Natural Holistic Ritual Biodynamic Hair Care

Biodynamic farming takes a more holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to harvesting ingredients. No chemicals are used and no animal testing conducted. These professional hair care products were conceptualized and manufactured based on biodynamic extracts, micronized plants, hydrolates, and essential oils. When it comes to natural and organic options for hair care, Oway Organic Way is second to none, which is why ProStyle Lounge promotes the product line enthusiastically. Their products are conscientiously designed to promote environmental preservation without ever compromising quality hair care results.


Feel free to reach out to us by sending us a message through our online form. We’re looking forward to keeping your hair fab and stylish!

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